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Photographs from an expedition to the Central Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives as well as the Lakshadweep Islands, India. These atoll islands are part of the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge.

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F68A0853 Cheriyam Island RBDF68A0044F68A0046F68A0048F68A0050F68A0053F68A0056F68A0057F68A0071F68A0181 Maldives Sunset Ohahali Atoll RBDF68A0706 Crab tracks Suheli Beach RBDF68A0779 Cheriyam Beach RBDF68A0790 Cheriyam crab RBDF68A0844 Cheriyam Island RBDIMG_0730IMG_0735IMG_0743IMG_0753IMG_0878IMG_0912