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I've been conducting research and teaching courses in Palau since 2005. It is one my most favorite places on Earth because of the people and the spectacular marine and island environments.

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Jellyfish Lake 10 July 2015 IMG_4429BOSP Palau Acropora Colony - healthy reefBOSP Palau Acropora Colony and fishBOSP Palau Crown of Thorns StarfishBOSP Palau Student at Cemetery ReefBOSP Palau Student Kaipo Lucas at Cemetery ReefBOSP Palau Student Kaipo Lucas at Ulong WallBOSP Palau Student kayaking the rock islandsClam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3964Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3967Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3971Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3974Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3986Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3988Clam City 1 July 2015 IMG_3998DJI_0135DJI_0137DJI_0153DJI_0155DJI_0156