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I've worked in Antarctica since 1982, and have made over 30 trips south. Most of these trips have been for scientific research but I have also helped lead some geology field trips as well as Stanford Alumni Travel Study Trips. My field work photographs have their own gallery as do penguins and ice. This gallery includes other wildlife and scenery.

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F68A5763 Vince's Cross RBDF68A5674 C130 1st Ice RBDF68A5677 Tucker Glacier RBDF68A5707 C-130 Flight RBDF68A5722 C-130 Flight RBDF68A5759 Vince's Cross RBDF68A5766 Arrival Heights Hike RBDF68A5775 Discovery Hut RBDF68A5778 Discovery Hut RBDF68A5783 Discovery Hut RBDF68A5814 Fata Morgana from McMurdo RBDF68A5817 Fata Morgana at Pegasus from McMurdo RBD3718 Crystal Sound2555 Mathews Island Fur Seal2563 Mathews Island Fur Seals2565 Mathews Island Fur Seals2578 Mathews Island Fur Seal2580 Mathews Island Fur Seal2585 Mathews Island Fur SealCape Lookout_MG_3959