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Penguins and Albatrosses have their own galleries. Here I include photographs of other wildlife as well as the spectacular scenery of these South Atlantic outposts.

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Sea_Lion_Island_Elephant_2_RBD_43121574 Carcass Island Snipe1587 Carcass Island Kelp Goose1592 Carcass Island Upland Goose1594 Carcass Island settlement1602 Carcass Island Oystercatcher1632 Carcass Island Oystercatcher1659 Carcass Island Night Heron1669 Port Stanley mine field1680 Port Stanley Yard1725 Prion Island Petrel1726 Prion Island Petre1775 Prion Island  Fur Seal2055 Salisbury Fur SealBleaker Island 20D IMG_3213Bleaker Island_MG_1620Bleaker Island_MG_1700BleakerIslandBirdBleakerIslandTussockCarcass Island Oystercatcher IMG_0177