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Images and Video from Scientific Expeditions to Antarctica, the Deep Sea, Coral Reefs, and the Andes.

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USCGC Glacier 19833806_024F68A5647 C-130 Flight RBDF68A5734 Julia exits plane RBDF68A5737 C-130 Flight RBDF68A5967 Benthic Camera RBDF68A6469 trap deployment in snow RBDF68A6527 Julia and NBP in pancakes RBDF68A6590 zodiac sampling RBDF68A6616 zodiac sampling RBDF68A6618 zodiac sampling RBDF68A6887 Julia and Dave in Zodiac RBDF68A6903 radar float RBDF68A6949 Christina and Shipek Grab RBDF68A6969 Golden pancakes RBDKlebnikov at Beaufort Island Jan 2006maucher-munroF68A7051 Big Net RBDF68A7075 Big Net RBDLooks like he can DO it IMG_8378