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Photographs from Mountain Glaciers, the Arctic and the Antarctic made over the past 20 years.

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Vega Island IMG_18702654 Amphibolite Point Berg2665 Amphibolite Point Berg2670 Amphibolite Point Berg2973 Paulet Island Berg3718 Crystal SoundAntarctic Sports IMG_8521Blue Iceberg 4 3_IMG_8875Brown_Bluff_2_RBD_6428Coronation_Island_1_RBD_5979Coronation_Island_22_DACD_2294Devils Island_MG_4547Dunbar Couverville F68A4596Elephant_Island_10_RBD_6362Elephant_Island_14_DACD_2385Elephant_Island_15_DACD_2389Erebus from the Beaufort side_IMG_8782F68A2397 Icefall Drygalski Fjord RBDF68A3292 Point Wild Elephant Island RBDF68A3299 Elephant Island Berg RBD