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We've taught this course on a tall ship, the Robert C Seamans, since 2003. The voyages have taken us to Tahiti, Rangiroa, Moorea, the Marquesas, Kiribati, Palmyra, Kingman Reef, and Hawaii.

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Keywords:Coral Reefs, Hawaii, Hiva, Kiribati, Marquesas, Millennium Atoll, Moorea, Nuku, Palmyra"Kingman, Rangiroa, Reef, Robert C Seamans, Tahiti, Tall Ship

Daniels Bay Anchorage RBD IMG_3655Arrival Daniels Bay RBD IMG_3472Arrival Daniels Bay RBD IMG_3499B&B Stanford@SEA RBD IMG_4261B3Barbdriving2Big Island Lava Entry IMG_4193Big Island Lava Vent IMG_4204Big Island Lava Vent RBD IMG_4192Big Island Lava Vent RBD IMG_4232Bird Boy Joe RBD IMG_3932Bird Boys RBD IMG_3887Boris Portrait S211Capitan Phil at Henry's House Christmas IslandCIMG2336CIMG2346CIMG2364CIMG4039CIMG4041CIMG4077