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Most of our work in American Samoa has been on the islands of Ofu and Ta'u in the Manua group east of Tutuila.

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Ofu Best Fruit Bat_MG_88686561 Samoan Flag Modified6632 Samoan Woman6647 Long Canoes Modified6656 Tisa's6658 Tisa's6755 Rose Atoll ModifiedDAM Ofu 2_MG_8999DAM Ofu Pool 400_MG_9003IMG_8645Ofu Beach Scene 1_MG_8838Ofu Beach Scene 3_MG_8829Ofu Beach Scene 4IMG_8670Ofu Breadfruit_MG_9211Ofu coral fish DSC03028Ofu Fruit Bat 1_MG_9237Ofu Fruit Bat 7_MG_8746Ofu Kingfisher IMG_8690Ofu Pool 400 beach sceneOfu scene_MG_9130