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I've been working in the Northern Line Islands since 1997 - and helped found a new research station on Palmyra Atoll in 2005. My research therefore has focused on coral reefs, biogeochemistry, ecology, and island-sea trophic connections (e.g., where does the food come from). Some of the field science photos are in the Field Science Gallery of this site. Here are wildlife and scenery photographs from above and below the sea.

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IMG_0490_Converted_PSBohar 1Booby 7926Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster)_MG_6584Chuck and FriendCIMG3527CIMG3866CIMG3870CIMG3908CIMG3945CIMG4088CIMG4106CIMG4168CIMG4235CIMG4279CIMG4299DSC02498DSC02574DSC02576DSC02609