Zenfolio | Rob Dunbar | TEMP Posting Chile Field Work - 21-18 Sep 16

Created 21-Oct-16
Field work with colleagues from Universidad de Magallanes and Universidad de Chile.
Bonita coring F68A4571Bonita coring F68A4579Bonita coring F68A4597Bonita coring F68A4600Bonita coring F68A4601Bonita coring F68A4604Carla F68A4553Dorotea DJI_0015Dorotea DJI_0019Dorotea DJI_0021Dorotea DJI_0032Dorotea DJI_0048Dorotea DJI_0068Dorotea DJI_0072Dorotea DJI_0075Dorotea DJI_001562Dorotea Seismic F68A4640Enzo F68A4556Fabiola and Carla F68A4554Fabiola F68A4552