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I started working in Galapagos in 1986. This collection includes terrestrial and marine scenery as well as wildlife photographs - mostly from 2010 and 2013.

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F68A0623 Dragon Back Santa Cruz1st Landing Site Sally Lightfoot_Grapsus grapsus_MG_97221st Landing Site_MG_9711Bartolome and Cousins Arctocephalus galapagoensis swimming  CIMG3368Bartolome_MG_0322Bartolome_MG_0326F68A0060 N SeymourF68A0066 N SeymourF68A0083 N SeymourF68A0084 N SeymourF68A0096 N SeymourF68A0106 N SeymourF68A0124 N SeymourF68A0127 N SeymourF68A0132 N SeymourF68A0159 N SeymourF68A0173 N SeymourF68A0190 Punta Vincente RocaF68A0204 Punta Vincente RocaF68A0225 Punta Vincente Roca