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King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) are the second largest penguin - Only Emperor penguins are larger. Most of these photographs were made at South Georgia Island.

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St Andrews IMG_0947Gold_Harbor_9_RBD_52931810 Salisbury Kings1813 Salisbury Kings1831 Salisbury Kings1926 Salisbury Kings1944 Salisbury Kings Courting1973 Salisbury Kings Courting1995 Salisbury Kings Courting1996 Salisbury Kings Courting1997 Salisbury Kings Courting1998 Salisbury Kings Courting1999 Salisbury Kings Courting2298 St Andrews King2322 St Andrews KingsF68A2305 King Penguin Peggoty Bluff South Georgia RBDF68A3076 Kings at St Andrews RBDF68A3079 Kings at St Andrews RBDF68A3080 Kings at St Andrews RBDF68A3166 Kings at St Andrews RBD