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I visited the heart of the coral triangle in 2006. This area of extremely high marine invertebrate biodiversity includes the waters off the western tip of the island of New Guinea (West Papua, New Guinea) Indonesia. Along the south side near the western tip lies the McCluer Gulf and the village of Kokas.

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Waigeo Dance IMG_0674Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0728Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0729Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0734Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0743Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0747Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0753Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0754Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0755Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0759Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0760Ashmore Reef 2 Apr 06 IMG_0765Clown Triggerfish - Balustoides conspicillum Mapia 24 Mar 06 IMG_0258Copy of Triton Bay Amenome and clownfish IMG_0540Jayapura Bird of Paradise Hat IMG_0460Kokas Boyscouts IMG_0744Kokas Boyscouts IMG_0757Kokas Clams IMG_0934Kokas Kid IMG_0915Kokas Kids IMG_0758