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I've been photographing Albatrosses since 2003, mostly on trips to the Southern Ocean. These are among the most remarkable of all bird species.

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1448 New Island Black Browed Albatross1470 New Island Black Browed Albatross1471 New Island Black Browed Albatross1474 New Island Black Browed Albatross1485 New Island Black Browed Albatross1486 New Island Black Browed Albatross1734 Prion Island  Wandering Albatross1737 Prion Island  Wandering Albatross1743 Prion Island  Wandering Albatross1751 Prion Island  Wandering AlbatrossGold Harbor IMG_1251Gold Harbor IMG_1282Gold Harbor IMG_1321Gold Harbor IMG_1333Gold_Harbor_32_RBD_5578Gold_Harbor_37_RBD_5602Gold_Harbor_38_RBD_5608Gold_Harbor_40_RBD_5628New Island IMG_0253New Island IMG_0255