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The Southern Rockhopper Penguin (Eudyptes chrysocome) is the smallest of the yellow-crested penguins in the genus Eudyptes. These photographs were mostly made in the Falkland Islands. The IUCN status of this species is VU (vulnerable).

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New Island IMG_03711482 New Island RockhopperF68A2154 Rockhopper Falklands RBDF68A2158 Rockhopper Falklands RBDF68A2165 Rockhopper Falklands RBDF68A2194 Rockhopper Falklands RBDF68A2243 Rockhopper Falklands RBDIMG_4389IMG_4393IMG_4394IMG_4396IMG_4400IMG_4411IMG_4432IMG_4434IMG_4438IMG_4441IMG_4485IMG_4488New Island Bluffs IMG_0089