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The emperor penguin (Aptenodytes forsteri) is the tallest and heaviest of all penguin species. They are endemics of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Most of these photos were made in the SE Ross Sea in March.

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F68A7668 Emperors in the wind RBDF68A7396 Bay of Whales Emperor RBD 2F68A7552 NBP at Night RBDF68A7661 Emperors in the wind RBDF68A7665 Emperors in the wind RBDF68A7697 snowmobile adventure RBDF68A7891 Emperors on ice RBDF68A7897 Leapin Our RBDF68A7898 Leapin Out 2 RBDF68A7899 Bullit RBDF68A7916 Flight RBDF68A7922Emperors on Ice RBDF68A7926 Empeors in Water RBDF68A7962 Emperor on Ice RBDF68A8310 Emperors on Ice RBDF68A8389 Emperors on Ice RBDF68A8421 Water Entry RBDF68A8427 Scudding Along RBDF68A8574 Emps on Ice RBDF68A8596 Emps on Ice RBD